“Two Kinds of Forgiveness”

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Sermon Notes

   After messages related to both Palm Sunday and Easter, this morning we are returning to our series that parallels our small group study on the book Total Forgiveness. We will begin with an overview of what Jesus is really teaching us in the Lord’s Prayer about what we are to include in our prayer times and then explain two verses Jesus adds at the end of the prayer that can be quite confusing.

   In Matthew 6:14-15 Jesus adds that if we do not forgive others for their sins against us then God the Father will not forgive us for our sins against Him. But how can this be true since if we are a follower of Jesus the penalty we deserve from a holy God for our past, present, and future sins against Him has been paid in full by the death and resurrection of Christ and we are completely forgiven already? We must distinguish between two different kinds of forgiveness.