“Seeking Jesus Like the Wise Men”

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Sermon Notes

   This morning we are looking at Matthew 2:1-12 about the magi or wise men who came from Babylon to visit Jesus the Messiah and King. We will look at a few of the traditions of the wise men that are not biblically accurate.
   This is not shared to encourage you to get rid of your manger scene. We have one under our tree. But it is important that we understand what is tradition and what is biblical truth, whether it is with Christmas or anything else.
   How did these magi come up with this idea of the star leading them to the Messiah?  We will also discover what the wise men teach us about seeking after Jesus.
   There are a few things that could have hindered them from pursuing Jesus if they would have allowed them to. These same things can hinder us from pursing an initial and growing relationship with Him as well.