“The Star – A Journey of Joy”

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Sermon Notes

   So far in our Advent series entitled The Star: a Journey to Christmas, we have seen that in order to prepare our hearts well to celebrate Christ this Christmas season, it is important to realize that we are on a journey of hope and a journey of love. Last week we looked at the agape love of God and how He commands us to love others with the same unconditional, undeserved, sacrificial, gift of love that He has for us.

   Today we will also see that this journey is to be a journey of joy. In the Bible, great joy is one of the most prominent themes related to the birth of Christ. It is seen in many of the Christmas carols. But is God’s church, are God’s people today in America, really seen by non-Christians as a people who exude tremendous joy?

   We will see where our joy ultimately comes from and how we can live a journey of joy through a personal relationship with God through Christ.