“Ten Lepers a Cleansing”

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Sermon Notes

   This is the last message in our series entitled The Miracles of Jesus that parallels our small group study. Today we are looking at the miracle in Luke chapter 17 where Jesus heals ten men of their leprosy and the response of each to that, not just physical healing, but complete life change that would result.

   With the contagious disease of leprosy, they would be “unclean” and outcasts to their family and community. They were no longer able to go to the Temple and offer sacrifices for the forgiveness of their sins so they felt isolated from God as well. There was no medical cure then for this disease so they were without hope unless Jesus intervened.

   We will look at what these ten men had in common and the difference in the only Samaritan who was healed. How was he healed differently than the others?