“Should We Forgive Ourselves?”

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Sermon Notes

   Last week we looked at whether it is right to judge others. We saw that it is okay for us to speak to someone who has hurt us who we need to forgive. Also to someone who has an area of their lives where they are hurting themselves or others. The issue is whether we are approaching them with a self-righteous, faultfinding, condemning attitude or with gentleness and kindness knowing that we have flaws too.

   In our continuing series that parallels our small group study Total Forgiveness by R.T. Kendall, today we’re looking at his belief that along with receiving God’s forgiveness, we should forgive ourselves when we offend God or others.

   Is forgiving oneself biblical? How can we be free from our lingering guilt over a sin against God or something that we have said or done to someone else?