“Mustard Seed Faith”

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Sermon Notes

   This is the 7th message in our series relating to our small group study, Life Changing Prayer by Jim Cymbala.  In chapter 5 he addresses the importance of faith and prayer.

   There is a lot of mishandling of Bible verses when it comes to faith and prayer, especially with faith and prayer for healing. Some say that God will always answer our prayers in proportion to our faith; that healing for instance, will always take place if there is enough faith.    

   But the issue is not really how much faith we have but what, or who, our faith is in. Is it in our ability to produce our own faith or is it trusting that what God has told us is true?

   We will look at 3 Scriptures the “word of faith” folks base their beliefs on and how the contemporary faith theology differs from the classic faith theology.