“Joseph’s Evidence of Total Forgiveness”

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Sermon Notes

   In our last message in our series on R.T. Kendall’s book Total Forgiveness, we dealt with the topic of whether we need to forgive God. It was shared that our loving Heavenly Father doesn’t cause our difficulties. He doesn’t inflict disease on his children. The struggles of this life happen because of the free will that God gave to Adam and Eve, to others, and to us. We also have a spiritual enemy who wants to mess up our lives.

   This morning we are dealing with the question “What are some of the evidences that we have forgiven someone for their offense against us?” We will look at Joseph’s example of how he treated his brothers who had sold him into slavery because of their jealousy and hatred towards him. Joseph never told anyone in Egypt how they had treated him because he wanted to protect their reputation. He treated them with kindness and love.