“God’s Undeserved Love”

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Sermon Notes

This morning we are beginning a summer series on the book of Malachi. He was a contemporary of Ezra and Nehemiah who wrote between 458 and 432B.C. His name literally means “my messenger” and God had chosen him to bring a difficult message to the people of Israel.
It wasn’t long before all the reforms that had been made by Ezra and Nehemiah had become obsolete as the Israelites once again became apathetic and indifferent towards their God. So God sends Malachi to them with some tough messages yet with the hope of restoring them to a dynamic relationship with Him.
In ch.1:1-5 today we will look at the first thing God says to His people even in their rebellion – “I love you.” But they dispute God’s love so He reminds them of how He has acted towards them in the past.