“Does Truth Exist?”

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Sermon Notes

Last week we looked at what Jesus means by calling His followers the salt of the earth. We saw that like salt God calls us to be preserving agents working against the moral decay of our society. We are also to add flavor to the lives of others by loving them and striving to meet their needs in practical ways which can create a thirst as people see something different about us and are drawn to Christ through us.
This morning we are looking at whether truth really exists. Many people believe there is no objective, absolute truth. They think that truth is subjective and whatever a person believes is true, is true for them. Many who believe this do so because for them there is no one authority for deciding if a belief or action is right or wrong.
We will see today that truth does exist, it is inherent in the nature of God Himself, and we can know it and choose to live by it.